European Emigration Overseas Past and Future

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The writer of this piece is a NWO man, a man who see the United States of Europe, where we are all vassal states and have no sovereignty. We each become, just a state, not a country. Same as USA, just separate states. Our PM's become Governors and our parliaments become Governors committees. We loose our own individuality and become one group. All our different cultures will be gone and we will all be come just mere pawns in the NWO of things. I agree wth you my friend. EU should be identical to US.

No countries but states. Only then it will raise its status to become an Universal power in this world. The most logical prediction is, unfortunately, that the turmoil in Africa and the Middle East will slowly but inexorably spread into Europe, pervading all its four corners. Perhaps only Russia will survive.. And I fear that no amount of academic discussion or faith in one's fellow man will prevent this from happening, nor even belatedly stronger leadership interested in the common good rather than appeasing its more vocal critics in the social? I agree with the general overall tone. The view that exiting will create some form of utopia protected from the world's challenges is simply mythical.

We need to be part of a Europe that is fit for the 21st Century. One that can create a humane and inclusive migration strategy, one that can move more quickly towards a low carbon economy, and one that move towards building a more humane, just and peaceful society. It's the direction of travel which matters. Do you really think we are following this asymptote? Or maybe it is a fake made by corporations, for corporations to rule the peole easier? A good article but it does not address at all the sovereignty problem of having the CJEU at the helm of our UK legal systems, and Commission-made laws funnelling into the UK without going through Parliament.

If the EU was a well set up organisation with sound aims and was well managed, the UK could stomach some loss of sovereignty but in its current very unimpressive state, the EU is actually becoming both an economic and political danger to its member states and their people. It was for that sad reason I voted Leave.

If there is any chance the Euripean countries would realise the current set-up is hopelessly ineffective, and write a new set of Treaties based on co- operation not coercion, I would vote to rejoin tomorrow. But they won't. The scars of the war are so deep that the European nations cannot see that enforced togetherness is in fact more likely to lead to violence and even war, not less.

You wrote: "both an economic and political danger to its member states and their people", but don't forget: an economical wonderful affair for corporations and banks. EU as a project has failed, it still exists because of the mass manipulation that is carried under the supervision of Germanyu and France once these countries will fail to perform and will be destabilized from inside the manipulation will stop and the entire project will reach it EoL.

EU was never needed by all. I would call myself por to greater european unity, but if the EU does not take the collective decision to bother to protect European cultures then Europe will become increasingly divided making Europe more polarised than ever. I would love to have a strong political and economic union but for each european country to have the cultural identity guaranteed protection. A United Europe does not need to come at the cost of massive immigration, which eventually destroys culture.

However, I did enjoy this article and much of it made good sense with logical reasoning. Will IT Fail? In order for the European Union to remain, well, European, it should, first of all, fully integrate the former Russia-dominated Eastern Europe with the former US-dominated Western Europe. Yet the main obstacle to the integration seems to be the policy of so-called multiculturalism or mass immigration from the Third World Africa, Asia, Latin America into the former US-dominated Western Europe. The conflict between the policy of multiculturalism and the policy of "euroculturalism" i.

European Emigration Overseas Past and Future

If the policy of multiculturalism isn't stopped along with the Third World immigration it promotes and isn't completely replaced by the policy of euroculturalism, then, I am afraid, the European Union will remain alive in name only. And Europeans too. To be honest I found the these predictions quite contradictory. So, the predictions on market and single currency are contradictory. Then, when it comes on the Euro: first no one has interest in dissolving the Euro, second it will remain the greatest achievement in European integration and most of the future European integration will occur because of it.

Third it is the second reserve currency in the world and no one has actually interest in facing the costs of its collapse. Additionally, talks about fiscal union are ongoing as a spillover of the monetary union. I don't see any actual clue that says that the Euro will collapse or disappear in the future. What is your take on national- euros but one which floats against each other : i.

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The future of the EU is decided by whether or not the EU will win the hearts of its citizens. The EU project was so far a complete top-down approach. All steps forward were set by politicians and large companies. In most cases the people werent even asked. Or in some cases they wered asked, but the negative referendum outcome was ignored.

In a democracy its doubtful whether such top-down decision will be accepted by the people on the long term. The populist revolt shouldnt be a surprise. So far the EU survives because the large classic political parties are still pro-EU in almost any country. But the classic political parties are loosing ground fast.

New parties are a lot more skeptical to the EU. That erodes the support of the EU.

I dont think the EU will go down in an explosive way. It will more likely go out slowly as a candle. A bit like what we already have seen over the last 10 years. Ultimately the future of the EU will be decided by the quality of life economic prospects of ordinary people. The EU must be able to show results that people feel in their every day lives.

If ordinary citizens dont feel economic opportunities than the the drawbacks of EU membership will outweigh the advantages. Than the EU membership debate will than sooner or later start in other countries as well. An important factor is going to be how succesful the UK will be after the brexit tough. The most realistic scenario is that the EU will continue to excist for the next decades.

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But with poor achievements, fewer member states, low economic growth, low support by member states and low support by the people. You can not integrate protestants with catholics and with orthodoxs and with muslims. Leave Europe as a lose confederation of countries and cultures with freedom of movement for Europeans, but not a final onecountryzation Things seems to giving way to nationalistic views. Many countries was to break away. EU seem to become a controlling force.

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The EU will blow up at some point, I think that's stating the obvious. It's keeping your head in the sand to think otherwise, it will either be a big explosion or one that's controlled.

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But the way the EU thinks they can gain power and ignore everyone else who doesn't like it means it will very likely end messily. People like power closer to home and under their control, all empires and we know Germany is in control fall at some point as a result. Carnegie Europe. Alternatively, if you have questions e-mail migstatsunit ons. Other Visual. ONS articles What are migration levels like in your area?

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If you like our visual. ONS content and would like to see more, please sign up to our email alerts, selecting 'stories and infographics' under preferences. Home People, population and community Population and migration International migration Explore 50 years of international migration to and from the UK. Explore 50 years of international migration to and from the UK 1 December How has international migration varied since ? Migration, and particularly EU citizens moving to Scotland, has helped mitigate these long-term demographic challenges, but the challenges still remain.

Projections from the National Records of Scotland NRS and the Office of National Statistics ONS show that natural change, the number of births minus the number of deaths, is projected to be negative in Scotland each year for the next 25 years. There are nearly 11, more deaths than births expected in All of the projected increase in Scotland's population over the next 25 years is due to migration. Any move that limits migration to Scotland therefore has the potential to seriously harm Scotland's economy.

The Scottish Government believes that both Scotland and the UK 's best interests are served by the UK remaining in the European Single Market and continuing to benefit from free movement of people.

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  2. European emigration overseas : past and future - Ghent University Library.
  3. Explore 50 years of international migration to and from the UK.
  4. EU migration row risks aiding authoritarians, says Donald Tusk.
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  8. Even with current free movement of people between Scotland and the rest of the EU , it is clear that UK policy on migration does not meet Scotland's needs. It is now appropriate to explore the devolution of powers on migration to ensure that Scotland can continue to attract migrants from Europe and around the world to live, work, study and invest here and make a long-term contribution to society as members of our communities. The case for this is clear and there is already broad agreement within the Scottish Parliament and elsewhere on the need for a different approach.

    The Home Affairs Committee report on migration policy was open to regional approaches in different parts of the UK , the Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords saw merit in a differentiated system for Scotland, and the Scottish Affairs Committee concluded that a tailored approach was needed for Scotland.

    The Scottish Government wants to see continued free movement of people from Europe, alongside a tailored approach for Scotland in relation to international migration. The case becomes more pressing and urgent if UK policy results in a hard Brexit that sees Scotland taken out of the European Single Market and Customs Union, and free movement of people ended or curtailed. The Scottish Government's Programme for Government [3] included a commitment to publish a series of evidence-based discussion papers setting out the case for further extending the powers of the Scottish Parliament in a number of key areas including in relation to migration.

    This discussion paper will explore why it is vital to be able to attract migrants from across Europe and the world to settle in Scotland; why the current UK Government policy is so harmful to Scotland's interests; and how a tailored approach to migration with more powers for the Scottish Parliament could operate. Chapter one explores why it is important to economic growth and prosperity that Scotland is able to continue to grow the population and in particular the working age population.

    It highlights:. Chapter two sets out why current UK policy on migration is having a detrimental impact in Scotland. It recommends that the UK Government should:.

    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future : H. A. Citroen :

    Chapter three looks at options for future migration schemes in the UK. It concludes that:. This paper uses the term 'migrant'. When discussing the flow of migration, this refers to a person not currently resident in Scotland who moves to Scotland with the intention of remaining here for more than 12 months. When discussing the population of migrants in Scotland, it refers to the number of people who have come to Scotland in this way. UK nationals can therefore be migrants to Scotland if they are resident elsewhere in the UK or abroad and move to Scotland, and would be counted in migration flows.

    When talking about the population of migrants in Scotland, we normally refer only to non- UK nationals, split between EU and other international migration.

    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future European Emigration Overseas Past and Future
    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future European Emigration Overseas Past and Future
    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future European Emigration Overseas Past and Future
    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future European Emigration Overseas Past and Future
    European Emigration Overseas Past and Future European Emigration Overseas Past and Future

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